We tend to go back and forth when it comes to buying any kind of used machine, be it a truck, car on lawnmower. The decision is tough, but taking into consideration some basic facts, it turns out that most of the times buying a used truck really makes sense. Advertisements

Iveco trucks are everywhere – there is no highway, street or path in the whole world that can be considered free of these machines. Iveco vehicles – light, medium or heavy – are everywhere. They’re used in heavy transport, public transport, military, firefighting. What is the story of  Iveco’s success?

Together with the beginning of Tour de Ski competition in Oberhof, Germany late in December, the world premiere of a newly developed ski waxing truck is going to take place. That new model is to replace one of the Scania trucks developed due to cooperation with the Swedish national cross-country skiing team back in 2008. […]

Ergonomics becomes a critical issue when the person operates any kind of heavy machinery that could pose danger to one’s life. Definitely, transportation equipment such as trains, trucks, buses, aircraft, ships, and automobiles (i.e. taxi cabs, limos, and delivery vehicles among others) belong to that group. Impossible as it may seem, the costs related with […]

According to the latest news, Toyota Motor Corp. plans to source cars from Mazda Motor Corporation’s plant, based in Mexico. The whole process is going to start in 2015 and it indicates clearly that there’s a growing reliance in the Latin America’s production quality, followed by lower costs. The research conducted by LMC Automotive points […]

All the entrepreneurs and construction company owners know that peculiar and unpleasant feeling when there arises the necessity to enlarge their steel fleet and purchase some new models of trucks. Due to the outbreak of economic crisis that took place a few years ago, people still have the conviction that they need to economize on […]

According to new study findings, a smart growth approach to urban planning can reasonably cut down on the number of miles driven by the residents yearly. The research was published in September 2012, in The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy. Smart growth refers to the development of compact, dense cities in which houses […]

According to the gathered data, the second highest cause of car crashes are the rear – end collisions (17%). The scientists and engineers have worked together to provide some solution that would prevent thousands of people from dying and they eventually came up with a brilliant concept: slowing the striking vehicle. Simple as the idea […]