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Top used trucks

Used trucks have always been a huge market. People need trucks, need to buy trucks and sell trucks. It’s rolling. But every year you can see the tendency change. The fashion, the design, the trend, the need – you can get anything you need, and what’s more – it’s all there on the Internet. What’s […]

Used trucks – good deals

We tend to go back and forth when it comes to buying any kind of used machine, be it a truck, car on lawnmower. The decision is tough, but taking into consideration some basic facts, it turns out that most of the times buying a used truck really makes sense.

Iveco trucks take over the world of transportation

Iveco trucks are everywhere – there is no highway, street or path in the whole world that can be considered free of these machines. Iveco vehicles – light, medium or heavy – are everywhere. They’re used in heavy transport, public transport, military, firefighting. What is the story of  Iveco’s success?

New and used trucks: pros and cons

All the entrepreneurs and construction company owners know that peculiar and unpleasant feeling when there arises the necessity to enlarge their steel fleet and purchase some new models of trucks. Due to the outbreak of economic crisis that took place a few years ago, people still have the conviction that they need to economize on […]