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MAN Trucks To Take Over The World Of Transportation

MAN SE, that is Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg, is a Germany-based mechanical engineering company founded in 1758. During its long history and tradition lasting 255 years, the company has managed to become one of the most recognizable European brands in North America. The company operates through joint ventures or fully owned subsidiaries in countries all over the […]

Box Trucks

Probably the most common vehicle used for transporting various kinds of appliances are box trucks. They are usually chosen as the most comfortable, spacious and not too big at the same time. In North America they usually measure between 13 and 23 feet, though bigger and smaller versions are also available, but not that popular.

The Constantly Improving Volvo

Volvo is a brand recognizable in the whole world – there’s no place that hasn’t been yet conquered by cars or trucks made by this Swedish company. And even knowing that, they’re not resting on their laurels – the best proof is the New Volvo FL and Volvo FE, even better, though it’s almost hardly […]

Box Trucks vs. Cargo Vans

Box trucks are one of the most popular vehicles as far as transport of appliances or furniture is concerned. There are various manufacturers that have great box trucks in their offer, like International, with their 4300 model, Mitsubishi, GMC, Freightline, Hino and numerous others. There is, however, much confusion as to how box trucks are […]

Unbeatable International

Navistar International Corporation is a relatively new manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment, vehicle and commercial trucks. It was established in 1986, but the history takes us much further back in time – to 1902, when International Harvester Company was created by J.P. Morgan. He managed to merge Deering Havrester Company, the McCormick Harvesting Machine […]

Cranes And Crane Trucks

Cranes are commonly known as machines used to lift or lower different types of materials and also to move them horizontally. Cranes are usually equipped with wire ropes or chains, a hoist and sheaves. They are sturdy and strong machines that are essential equipment on any construction site to lift and transport heavy loads, equipment […]

Ice Road Truckers’ Truck

Ever wondered what kind of trucks those daring kids from Ice Road Truckers drive? After hours of digging through the Web just one name came out – 2008 Kenworth T800. The following research on this vehicle proved it to be only logical choice. Kenworth was established in 1912 in Portland, Oregon. Since then vehicles manufactured […]

Over a hundred years of GMC quality

Last year the second largest division of General Motors, GMC, celebrated its 100th anniversary of unchangeable quality and trust of happy customers. Ever since New York International Auto Show in 1912, when GMC trucks were first presented, the marque has been gaining nothing but favorable opinions not only in North America, but all over the […]

Scania V8 – a dream truck

Of all Scania trucks, Scania V8 really seems to be the one. It’s new, it’s hip, it’s strong, it’s beautiful, it even has its own video game and kids have wallpapers with its image. What is it that makes this particular Scania truck that much desirable? First of all, there is the brand. Scania has […]

Top used trucks

Used trucks have always been a huge market. People need trucks, need to buy trucks and sell trucks. It’s rolling. But every year you can see the tendency change. The fashion, the design, the trend, the need – you can get anything you need, and what’s more – it’s all there on the Internet. What’s […]