Box Trucks

Probably the most common vehicle used for transporting various kinds of appliances are box trucks. They are usually chosen as the most comfortable, spacious and not too big at the same time. In North America they usually measure between 13 and 23 feet, though bigger and smaller versions are also available, but not that popular.

In most models of box trucks the cargo area is separated from the vehicle, making it more convenient to unload whatever is transported, however there are models in which the cargo area can be accessed from a cab via a small door. Cargo trucks are also usually equipped with a garage-like rear door that can be rolled up.
Box trucks are often mistaken for cargo vans due to the similarity in size and purpose, but they actually are a completely different vehicles. The mistake may also come from the fact, that sometimes the body attached to a box truck is called a cargo van.
In North America the most popular manufacturers of box trucks are Dodge, Chevrolet/GMC and Ford, though there are numerous companies that are constantly broadening their offers and including box trucks in them, such as for example International, Isuzu or Mitsubishi. Isuzu is often the first choice when it comes to smaller trucks, whereas for travelling out of state GMC is often thought of as the most reliable one.


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