Box Trucks vs. Cargo Vans

Box trucks are one of the most popular vehicles as far as transport of appliances or furniture is concerned. There are various manufacturers that have great box trucks in their offer, like International, with their 4300 model, Mitsubishi, GMC, Freightline, Hino and numerous others. There is, however, much confusion as to how box trucks are different from cargo vans. The answer is quite simple – it all depends on a couple of features of these vehicles.

First of all, box trucks often have their cargo area separated from the cab and attached to the frame, whereas in cargo vans the transporting area has connection to the car, making it a one piece machine. What is more, numerous models of box trucks have a roll-up rear door. Cargo vans are often similar to family passenger vans, both in design and size. Besides, it is often the case that box trucks are used by companies hauling furniture, large boxes or furniture, while cargo vans are most often used by companies dealing with plumbing, courier services or electrical repair services.


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