Unbeatable International

Navistar International Corporation is a relatively new manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment, vehicle and commercial trucks. It was established in 1986, but the history takes us much further back in time – to 1902, when International Harvester Company was created by J.P. Morgan. He managed to merge Deering Havrester Company, the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and three smaller companies and created International Harvester Company. In 1985 came another change – International Harvester Company sold their agricultural branch and took new name, that is Navistar International. Today it most often goes by International for short.

Navistar International Corporation is probably best known for producing trucks of any kind and size. They offer box trucks, tanker trucks, refeer trucks, cab & chassis trucks and numerous others.

Navistar International’s offer shows that International trucks are divided into four categories. First of them is TerraStar, that from the beginning was designed built to face the toughest works and become commercial-duty truck.  Second type of International trucks is ProStar, the Class 8 truck, one of the strongest on the road. Third type is called WorkStar, that performs jobs concerned with transporting any kind of loading. Last but not least there is PayStar – a real star of the team. This International truck is thought of as one of the toughest there can be – they are used in jobs such as heavy hauling, severe weather plowing or construction dumping. All of these types come with different specifications so without any doubt there will be no problem with suiting even most demanding needs.


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