Over a hundred years of GMC quality

Last year the second largest division of General Motors, GMC, celebrated its 100th anniversary of unchangeable quality and trust of happy customers. Ever since New York International Auto Show in 1912, when GMC trucks were first presented, the marque has been gaining nothing but favorable opinions not only in North America, but all over the world. As a birthday gift the books show that 2011 was the best year since 2007 as far as sales are concerned.

And there is nothing surprising about that. At the very first years of the marque, GMC was considered to be praising efficiency and utility more than style or comfort as they were targeted almost entirely at farmers and contractors and produced big trucks. In next few years pickups were introduced, but it was 1936 when the first “modern” pickup entered American market. World War II interrupted the production, but in a way boosted it at the same time – GMC produced over 550,000 CCKW trucks DUKW amphibians exclusively for the army. The tendency began to change with the introduction of GMC Suburban Pickup in 1950. GMC produced only 1,000 of these vehicles and they are considered by many collectors as the symbol of GMC pickups.

Modern GMC pickups tend to get less attention, but GMC produces a whole range of vehicles: vans, trucks, sport utility vehicles and military vehicles and all of these types are exceptionally popular.


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