Ice Road Truckers’ Truck

Ever wondered what kind of trucks those daring kids from Ice Road Truckers drive? After hours of digging through the Web just one name came out – 2008 Kenworth T800. The following research on this vehicle proved it to be only logical choice.

Kenworth was established in 1912 in Portland, Oregon. Since then vehicles manufactured by the company have been gaining nothing but favorable opinions, first in the USA, then – all over the world. Kenworth produces a whole range of models for really demanding truckers. Kenworth T800 is considered one of their strongest products. Its aerodynamic design makes the drive comfortable and – what is crucial – ergonomic. Kenworth T800 is equipped with the Paccar MX engine that can develop up to 485 hp – that is impressive. It is also uniquely strong – front axles can handle as much as 22.000lbs and twin steel  front axles can handle up to 37.00lbs. The interiors are wide and comfortable with a great amount of space as far as storage goes.

Kenworth T800 goes with a number of applications: trailer, dump, flatbed, rolloff, tanker, heavy hauler or firetruck. And – as seen on Ice Road Truckers – a mighty conqueror of the unconquered land.

Kenworth T800

Kenworth T800. Source of the picture


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