Scania V8 – a dream truck

Of all Scania trucks, Scania V8 really seems to be the one. It’s new, it’s hip, it’s strong, it’s beautiful, it even has its own video game and kids have wallpapers with its image. What is it that makes this particular Scania truck that much desirable?

First of all, there is the brand. Scania has hardly ever let its customers down and that speaks for itself. Scania machines have always been reliable and the best of its kind – it’s enough to take a look at all the awards and prizes, starting from Swedish Royal Automobile Club back in 1909, through International Truck of the Year in 2005 and in 2010, ending with Prime Mower of the Year at the Apollo CV Awards in 2012.

Then, there’s power. Scania V8 is equipped with a Scania 16L 90° turbocharged engine with electronic power injection and it can reach from 500 to 620 horsepower depending on the model – there are three to choose from.

And then – there is the looks. No words are needed.

Scania V8


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