Iveco trucks take over the world of transportation

Iveco trucks are everywhere – there is no highway, street or path in the whole world that can be considered free of these machines. Iveco vehicles – light, medium or heavy – are everywhere. They’re used in heavy transport, public transport, military, firefighting. What is the story of  Iveco’s success?Iveco was established in 1975 as a merger of 5 different companies: Fiat Veicoli Industriali (Turin, Italy), Lancia Veicoli Industriali (also Italy), OM (Brescia, Italy), Magirus-Deutz AG (Germany) and Unic (France).  At first Fiat was the holder of 80% of shares, but since 1980 has been the only owner. Since 1986 Iveco has taken over numerous truck companies manufacturing various  specialized industrial vehicles all over the world, like Ford in Great Britain, Astra in Italy, Pegaso in Spain, Seddon Atkinson in Great Britain, and International, American company in Australia. Iveco also holds shares of Karosa company and Oyotol from Turkey. A true mogul, you could say.

Iveco manufactures the whole range of industrial and transport vehicles. The one thought of as the most popular is Iveco Daily with a year production over 100,000.

Trucks manufactured by Iveco won numerous awards throughout years. Five trucks – EuroCargo, EuroTech,  Tector, Genlyon and Stralis Hi-Way were named Truck of the Year (the latter in 2013). Iveco trucks were awarded in almost every category there is when it comes to trucks: “Prize of Prizes” for innovation, Performance Key Award, “Top Ethanol” technology prize and many, many more.

The company gives jobs to over 32 thousand workers in production plants in Europe, Russia, China, Argentina, Brazil and Australia.


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