Transportation equipment and the importance of ergonomics

Ergonomics becomes a critical issue when the person operates any kind of heavy machinery that could pose danger to one’s life. Definitely, transportation equipment such as trains, trucks, buses, aircraft, ships, and automobiles (i.e. taxi cabs, limos, and delivery vehicles among others) belong to that group. Impossible as it may seem, the costs related with “poor ergonomics” are estimated at 22 billion per year in the transportation industry. The drivers whose cars are not in a very good working condition can easily get into accidents and get injured: it is very common for the truck drivers to develop and suffer back pains and other health problems for many years.

Perhaps, it is the reason for the transportation equipment manufacturers to spend endless hours on improving the ergonomics of the vehicles they sell. Obviously, the more comfortable the equipment is and the easier it can be operated,  the healthier the drivers, who are then much less likely to develop any kind of back pains.

Recently, more and more trucking companies complain about huge driver shortages. That is why investing in tests and researches, whose aim is to improve the car’s ergonomics seems reasonable. Luckily, there is a growing number of the companies, which understand the urge of designing and manufacturing transportation equipment that would be a valuable and top -quality vehicle fleet for all the drivers, forced to earn their living by operating that kind of machinery.


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