Scania keeps sponsoring Swedish cross-country

Together with the beginning of Tour de Ski competition in Oberhof, Germany late in December, the world premiere of a newly developed ski waxing truck is going to take place. That new model is to replace one of the Scania trucks developed due to cooperation with the Swedish national cross-country skiing team back in 2008.
That truck set new standards in international skiing, providing the team’s waxing technicians better conditions to give perfect skis to the active contestants .
Erik Ljungberg, Scania’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations says the company takes pride in being visible alongside Swedish cross- country skiing and providing ski waxing technicians with a good working environment. Scania’s aim is to supply tailor-made vehicles and all the services that would help maximizing the profitability of its customers. Together with the growing need for the upgraded, more spacey waxing truck, the engineers working for Scania trucks have worked out the new model of vehicle that would meet everybody’s needs. The new truck contains well – equipped workstation for twelve waxers (as compared to seven in the truck developed four years ago).  It has also got better space for clothing and equipment that the waxers  use when testing skis. The new vehicle among the Scania trucks fleet also contributes to the improvement of the external environment. The engine in the Scania truck, pulling the fully equipped mobile waxing cabin, complies with Euro 6 emission standards. That Euro 6 engine significantly lowers nitrogen oxide and cuts down on emissions by about 80 per cent as compared to the environmental standards currently applied.


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