Automatic Braking Systems on Autos Will Save Lives

According to the gathered data, the second highest cause of car crashes are the rear – end collisions (17%). The scientists and engineers have worked together to provide some solution that would prevent thousands of people from dying and they eventually came up with a brilliant concept: slowing the striking vehicle.

Simple as the idea may look, it’s still complex and expensive. However, when considering a life – and – death situation, any investment seems reasonable. The researchers at the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest Center for Injury Biomechanics, together with their colleagues from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, have been conducting research on the potential advantages of a suite of collision avoidance systems, available as options on some car models.
The research mentioned above, has been published in peer- reviewed journals. According to its findings, using three systems is able to reduce serious injuries by 50 per cent. The three systems can operate independently or in sequence to prevent or at least, mitigate, front collisions. One of the generic systems begins with a warning 1.7 seconds before the potential crash. If the driver starts applying the brakes, there goes the brake assistance. 0.45 seconds before the collision, the car adds 0.6G to the breaking effort, or – in case there is no braking – applies the brakes autonomously. These systems still require a radar and some advanced computers, so there is still much to be developed. However, it gives hope that less lives will be lost in car accidents on the road.


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